Pam Parker has just released her first CD  entitled "Working Class!" featuring Pam Parker and the Bones of Contention

In her own words, Pam says: "This CD is a collection of  songs that all relate in some way to the challenges facing  our class. I wanted to create a collection that celebrates  working people. I wanted to do something that shamelessly  acknowledges our role in the world. These songs are also entertaining and interesting musically. The CD includes  jazz, classical, rock, country and R & B. We did classic  covers like "What's Going On?" By Marvin Gaye and some  beautiful original songs like "When July Slips Into June."  Many of our songs address the current war crisis as well." "Please come out and celebrate the working class with us!"

The band consists of: Pam (vocals) long time social justice singer and member,  Joe U. (lead guitar and vocals) Director of Strategic  Campaigns at the AFL-CIO, President of the Labor Heritage  Foundation, labor/social justice singer, founder of the  Bones of Contention (our band), and Harley rider; Mike W.  (piano) Nominated twice for WAMMIEs (DC area's answer to  the Grammy's), and well known DC songwriter and activist,  also the son of Phil W. (long time leader in the Latin  solidarity movement and endorser of September 29th );  Gerry R. (bass) vegetarian and marathon runner will run  the 2002 Boston Marathon; and Dave O. (drums) who is also  an actor. He appears on West Wing and other national  television shows and is up for a part in a new reality  show called the Runner.

"In addition to "the Bones" both my sons participated in  the project and several other very talented local  musicians."

Pam and her band mates played at the recent anti-war  rallies in DC on September the 29th and 30th and have  played for the past year in clubs and bars in the DC area.

Email Pam at PamP8@excite  for more details

The CD will be available at , , and .

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